Abroad (And Not Blogging About It.)

I hate travel bloggers. I hate them so much that I don’t think I’ve ever read one travel blog. It seems to me like a hip* form of (for lack of a less douchey word) voyeurism. As if some college Junior will be able to shed a light on Barcelona that no one else has. As if one kid’s perspective of that guy in the subway, or that painting, or that beach (Seriously… I have no idea what travel bloggers write about) will lift up the world’s understanding of Buenos Aires. Travel bloggers remind me of the middle-aged American pulling out his QuickPix camera to photograph a shitty angle of the Notre Dame next to a middle-aged American pulling out his QuickPix camera to photograph an even shittier angle of the Notre Dame. The best bloggers (I actually don’t read any blogs so I don’t know which are the best) are the stay-at-home bloggers. The ones who let the world peek in on their dimly lit room of the unique and mundane so we can watch them dust off the socks and stuff inside of socks they didn’t know they had under the bed. Again, I actually can’t think of one blog I’ve read, so I don’t actually know. But if I were to have a favorite type of blog, that would be it.

This all leads up to the fact that I’m a college Junior from Boston spending the summer taking classes in—you guessed it—Western Europe. I’m in Aix-en-Provence, France! One sec while I say “Yeah!” with a nod and a closed-mouth smile to all of your follow up questions**. With that out of the way, I’m going to keep writing about things that I like writing about. With the perspective of an average white chick abroad, I’m going to tell you about the dumb little things that make me think and skip the quirky travel stories, the culinary triumphs and disappointments, and the eye-opening cultural collisions. If you want to learn about France, talk to the French. Don’t worry about the language barrier—They speak English better than you do.

*I’m bringing “hip” back. You’re welcome.

**”OMG South of France? Tough life!” “Is the food just amazing?” “Are you loving it?” “Are you with a homestay family?” “Are you getting to travel around a little bit?” “Are you picking up French?” “Are you going to projectile vomit on my face if I keep asking these questions?”


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