A Poem from a Cookie I Baked, Then Ate

Tell me honestly. Have you forgotten?
Gone, isn’t it? Everything and everything in between.
The foundations and every layer after it.
You’ve ripped out the cords in the walls.
You’ve punched holes in the empty spaces.
And the places we’d filled you’ve lit on fire.
Tell me honestly. Did it hurt you too?
Did you even feel it when it crumbled?
Or did you push pieces with your toes
Under dusty cabinets for someone else to find?
Mashing smaller and smaller into nothing.
Atomic pixels of nothingness and I
Your lost memory.
Tell me honestly. Was it worth it?
You watched my brown eyes water in the heat.
You smelled me calling to you.
You held me tenderly, too hot to handle.
You even waited for me, darling.
But lust alas friendship breaks.
And on your tongue dissolved, I
No longer.
Only gone.

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