A Poem for My Grandmother

What greater word is there
Than joy?
What greater feeling, what greater love?
What greater message?

What brighter light?

Not even shining Pelican Bay sand, not even sparkles on Crooked Lake,
Not even the freezer light on my child­face when I find, again, always, 
the yellow box of
chocolate chip cookies.

No greater light than joy,
Nourishing and raising up
Us rascal flowers running in grass,
Broad trees making blue pianos and strummed guitars,
Raspberries and blueberries and strawberries of sweetest sorts.

No greater light than joy to wake us up to our brightest days.

Make me a sunflower
So I may continually watch and follow
That never­-tiring, never­-fading, ever-­beautiful light
In this glorious, ridiculous, radiant garden of family
That Joy built.

By golly.
Let us be Joyous.

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