So High

From Weed to Smoker

So High

When I first touched your lips
I knew, man, I knew
This whateveritis
It’s the good stuff.

Your deep breath
Pulling me in
Letting me dance in the air

As I learned what happened under your skin
And just the way your gentle breath feels
When it’s late at night and breath
Is all you can think of anyways

Let me live in that breath
Let me taste your lungs always
Let me let you let go

When I first touched your lips
And I first started burning
I was too high to notice

You’ve got the eyes I usually sink into
The jaw-dropped smile I usually seep under
The appetite

But yesterday I watched those eyes blink awake
And squint at windowed sunshine
And taste backpacks and day naps
And float out the door
To be with things I’d never seen before

Though being the light in your head
Is warmer, sweeter, softer than I’ve been
I don’t know
If I’ll ever tumble off your breath
And drift with you
Through loud, cold, uncomfortable day
Or if I’m just the high you want
At the end of the night
When your lips have been everywhere else
And your couch is your wonderland
And you want to let go of everything,
See what you find,
And leave that, too, behind.

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