Something Happened

Perhaps you may have asked me how I’m doing
Your mind walked down that path, perhaps
Of wondering how I’m doing.
Perhaps you checked here just to see
Perhaps you found this
And didn’t know if it was to you anymore.
It’s still to you.

Fine in the saddest way, lover.
Because, lover, I can’t think of the bad memories
I knew this would happen.
I’d walk away, flooded by good times and love
And it being right and good and
I didn’t want it to be that way.

Lover, no matter what has happened
Nothing can make it not have happened
A year is a year is year is love and that’s not gone.
And I’m allowed to not want it back
But to want it back just enough to let it hurt.

Perhaps, lover, you’re just bowling
On road trips with your cousins and
Rolling along like nothing happened,
But it happened it happened it happened it happened it happened
And it doesn’t just stop happening

If you were wondering how I’m doing
I’m still smelling our fumes
From when we were running on empty
But still don’t have the cash to fill up again


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