When It’s Humid, Cool Air Keeps You Warm

Makes you sweat. Sticks to you under jackets.
Sticks hair to neck and shirt to back.
When you feel your skin shining in the darkness, that’s what this air can do.
These days leave you begging for rain.
Fogs of darkness pull at streetlights, not blending
Like when milk in black coffee spins, like when seagulls swell in storming wind.
In the end, that’s how we lived. He didn’t like coffee,
but always watched me pour the milk. Watched the little galaxy
but never tasted the brownish bitter. These days leave you
Waiting for the sky to break. When the breath in your nose
Enters and exits the same warmth, not like winter.
Winters, air changes inside you. In winter,
You spin the chill in your gut until it comes out heavy.
These days keep things quiet.


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