Two Magpie

Dark now, magpies sleep and I’m dancing with a flame on the city.
Down there, glowing swans snake into themselves and roll
Like tipping rocking horses into water. There’s a black one in the Serpentine.
The morning ladies say they see it. It has tied itself up for the night.
Look East. In yellow light find stone and brick and soot that
smudges faces of city blocks. Watch smoke move like marbling wax.
The wind takes our light, then plays above trees in Hyde Park. It falls, lifts two pigeons
and a newspaper in South Kensington. They flutter, they settle.
Orphan horns blend. Watch it all bumble. Lean in with sparkling flint
To relight this low candle. Smiling, you are
So gentle like soft flame barely holding to wick. Grapple, dance with me,
With things we all hear now and once heard clearer as children.
Look down with me on this city. Let us light it all up.
I will make it glow. I will use the word to show your face in this flicker.
One magpie, two.
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