Disguised as a man in a coffee shop , he balances himself
With a coffee in everyone’s corner.
His hat is on. He
has been given something clean. Or taken.
And with unpolished silver
hair and paper suit,
pretends to be casual here
to choose to be here but
there is something in the messiness
of that jawline draws confession
like the sighs tunneled through uneven shoulders. Stood like
a man in a suit like a man drinking coffee.

You’ve watched us well. Patiently.
Now, I want to coach you in your play. Take your coffee
teach you how to gulp it; men in suits must hurry. Your time
must be valuable. Body, old, browned– it must be fit to that suit.
Let it hold your back straight let it slump you. You should be
too busy to see me watching you. To look at me. Hurry
hurry; you’ve begged all day for a coffee now steaming
in a paper cup. If you want to play person, you can’t let it cool.


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