Blue Light

It is not dark enough for you to be slouched like that draped like that over an emergency call system
holding on to that box with that voice underneath, holding to the metal like a person, you a child, needing. You are too dirty
you are too old to be using that emergency call system you should be standing you should be walking. It is my thing it is
my call system. If I could I would call you in– I would call you in if I wanted to. You, calling the police on yourself—
you, who have stumbled onto the manicured parts of the city, afraid of what you carry, you who act like you know MY place this is where I
must stay safe get off my hotline it is made for me. You, collapsing— you have collapsed before. It is the swell
of whatever is in your gut of whatever bites into you of whatever you’ve carried yourself that you’re reporting to the
polite voice the uniformed voice who expected an 18-year-old afraid of a shadow. You would be the shadow. You, in a corner,
in the dark, on those kinds of drugs YOU are the shadow. Back off from my space do not call in reinforcements they
will not help you they will not help you GOD you know this. They won’t help you. Put down the phone and
anything you’re carrying. If they find anything, if they find it on you… you know this. Why would you call? This phone is for
blonde white girls writing poetry. It will hurt you. Put down the phone.


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