To The Stars

I'm always writing on love.
Love lost
Love found
Love imagined
Love missed
Love still smoldering
Love, fresh, fragile
Love not yet love.
And yet for all this I've written,
I've forgotten one. 

The one love that slips into the background
During long meals
And simple smiles
And sarcasm.
The one love that echoes off the walls
During war stories
And songs off key
And shared space. 
The one love we forget about
While we're living in it.

As we watch the horizon
For the sun to rise and light up
Our shining knight,
Our foggy future,
We forget the breath we breathe,
The paths we walk on,
The heart that keeps beating,
And the people with no expectations.

And I’ll be honest;
I’ve worried much more
About the groom than the bridal party,
But today I’m thinking about
How real and how happy and how perfect
And just right
Is “just friends.”

So I won’t worry about if you’ll text back
And you won’t be angry if I cancel plans
And I won’t put on mascara
And you will put on sweatpants.
And we will eat.

Laughing, we won’t notice:
Stars, moving together, make heaven.